#109 – Bil Antoniou

Bil Antoniou has been performing for a number of years, amassing a number of interesting experiences that resulted from his decision to say yes to everything. Among them are appearing in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia at Hart House (his favourite), singing Thenardier in Les Miserables at Honest Ed’s on their closing weekend, a few stints as Jesus and a Pharisee on a wagon and making love to pots and pans in the middle of Michigan. Along the way he decided to take his love of writing and seriously and began writing plays, which thus far have resulted in four productions that, despite having forced him to say yes to fewer other projects, have gone well, including The Best Men at Bread and Circus in 2011, Operation Impervious at the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival, and two productions in 2015 at Red Sandcastle Theatre, We Say Such Terrible Things and Heart of the Storm. Between theatre gigs, he spends his free time writing film reviews for his blog, MyOldAddiction.com, or editing one of his two podcasts, BGM: Bad Gay Movies Bitchy Gay Men and My Criterions, a journey through his film collection.

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On the next episode of Stageworthy, actor and singer, Daniel Fong. Available Tuesday, everywhere you get podcasts. https://t.co/1YG8Lpy0nl
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An excerpt from this week's episode of Stageworthy, with director and dramaturg, Jenna Rodgers. Listen to the full episode at https://t.co/KbmUr2oZBM #canadiantheatre https://t.co/sobRB7MIg1
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This week on Stageworthy: Jenna Rodgers is a Director and Dramaturg, and the founding artistic director of Chromatic Theatre. https://t.co/U3mzs6BdTo #canadiantheatre https://t.co/6T36qESMal
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Calgary based writer, musician, and performer, Caleigh Crow. https://t.co/8us44LCmTY https://t.co/PMtOoko4h7
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