#121 – Cass Van Wyck, Jesse Fraser, & Christopher Lewis from Unit 102’s Therac 25

Set in and around the Princess Margaret Hospital, the story of Alan and Moira exposes the harsh realities
of the solitude and fears that accompany cancer treatment with brutal honesty and wry humour. Pettle’s writing
comes from a place of awful familiarity, as he explains in his forward, “It’s July 15, 1995, and I’m back in the
hospital – radioactive iodine therapy, cancer treatment’s answer to solitary confinement. Why did I write this play? I wrote it to survive days like this. […] I wrote it not only for those who have passed on to other journeys, but for all those who remain in Therac corridors everywhere. People that are not just statistics in flimsy pamphlets or black numbers on manila envelopes, but individuals with brilliant minds and raging spirits, with awe-inspiring courage and beautiful children.”

It was the personal connection to this story that brought this production into existence and provides the motivation to engage in the realities of the content beyond the story-telling. As well as donating a percentage of both the ticket proceeds and additional fundraising efforts to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto , the production is coordinating with several organizations to provide talk-back opportunities and other activities in support of the individuals and families fighting the disease both known and unknown to us.

Cass Van Wyck:
Twitter: @classvanwyck
Instagram: classvanwyck

Jessie Fraser:
Instagram: slackbaby

Christopher Lewis:
Instagram: majorcallisto

Tickets: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3373355
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1886254528331793/

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Stageworthy host, @philrickaby will be hosting a livestreamed chat with theatre-maker Eliza Martin to talk about adapting her Fringe Festival hit "Harvey and the Extraordinary" into a book. Join them on October 28 at 7:30PM EDT: https://t.co/wZDCN0BKJS #theaTO #CanLit https://t.co/uIjlDkxF0x
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@literasyme Hah! If only I could help with that.
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Its always been important to me that the podcast is a service to the Canadian theatre scene. Which brings the question: what does the Canadian theatre scene actually need?
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@philrickaby: Announcing the title of my holiday audio drama coming in November! It Sees You When You're Sleeping: a 6 part audio drama for those who like some horror in their holiday cheer. Watch here, or go to https://t.co/DEPofGSgQm to sign up for updates. #itseesyousleeping #audiodrama https://t.co/4CCpvzy1AN
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@philrickaby: On this episode of @stageworthypod, I announce that after 6-ish years of producing Stageworthy on a weekly basis, that I'll be taking a bit of a break (probably a couple of months). https://t.co/qdR4m3kqnT
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