#145 – Kendall Savage

A graduate of The Randolph Academy of Performing Arts as well as The Players Academy Toronto, Kendall completed her Undergraduate BFA in Performing Arts at Concordia University Alumna 2013. Focusing her gifts in the direction of clown and comedy, Kendall set out to fulfill her calling as a professional clown. She has trained with the likes of Francine Coté, Aron DeCasemaker, Joe DePaul, Aitor Basauri, Philippe Gaulier and her Clown mentors Mike Kennard and John Turner of Mump and Smoot. Currently she finds herself at the helm of a Clown Festival. MTLClownFest.com She will be attending The Second City Conservatory in Toronto, Ontario this fall.
Twitter: @mtlclownfest
Wild Bill’s Facebook Livefeed Feeding-Time Youtube Yeeeehaw!!
Wild Bill, a youtube star pet goldfish. Edward, his childlike, fame-drunk owner/producer. Alone in his basement apartment, he dreams of a bigger fishtank, and his chosen mission: to teach kids everywhere about recycling, through the power of the internet.

When their youtube puppet show goes viral, an army of fawning, trolling, giggling internet commenters arrives— and so does an unexpected threat to Bill’s life. Then, Ted must go face to face with the biggest danger yet to Wild Bill’s life— himself.

A wacky new comedy by a graduate of École Philippe Gaulier, and a live goldfish.

The Old Pool Hall Theatre, 6050-6070 Almon Street

Friday August 31st 10:30pm
Saturday September 1st 8pm
Sunday September 2nd 9:30pm
Tuesday September 4th 9pm
Thursday September 6th 5:30pm
Friday September 7th 6:30pm
Saturday September 8th 7pm

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Alia Ettienne, Emerjade Simms, and Victoria Urquhart join host Phil Rickaby to discuss Neurodiversity & Mental Health in theatre. https://t.co/YgV0f1Xn5Z https://t.co/XJe1C4xfzn
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@EldritchTheatre: Just had a great conversation with our "Castle Crew" @ericwoolfe @adriannap and @RosemaryEDoyle talking about Eldritch Theatre + RED Sandcastle past/present/future with @stageworthypod - looking forward to sharing our ideas with #theaTO community https://t.co/IuoSVTgVXT
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On this week's episode, performer, actor & vocalist, Uche Ama. https://t.co/3D3P6i8WHS
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@DavidSRudin: anyhow, a reminder of what Toronto's budget looks like #TOpoli https://t.co/365QOPOF6T
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This week, playwright and director, Erin Jones. Erin is the writer of Time Limits Dropped on Easter Sunday, presented as part of the Toronto Fringe. https://t.co/mnYgYByb4z #TheaTO #FringeTO https://t.co/tjIN0uOXPs
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