#153 – Jordi O’Dael & Andew Gaunce of Aberrant Theatre, Presenting the Ghost Light Anthology

Jordi O’Dael
Jordi is a Toronto based trans nonbinary performer, director, dramaturg, and producer. A UWinnipeg/Randolph College alum, Jordi has based their career on portraying 12 year old children, ancient evil constructs, and creating queer punk feminist impressionist pieces. In 2017, Jordi served as co-writer, dramaturg, producer, and performer for the award winning, breakout hit ‘NASTY’ at the Toronto Fringe. Their primary interests are the unexplained and unsettling, ghosts and ghouls, serial killers, destroying the gender binary, corgis, and using theatre as a vehicle for social change.

Andrew Gaunce
Born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, Andrew is a Toronto based performer, writer, producer, and lifelong devotee of the horror genre. Andrew honed his performance skills at Fanshawe College’s Theatre Arts program, and has spent the last few years performing with various indie theatre companies in Toronto, including Seven Siblings Theatre, the Spur-of-the-Moment Shakespeare Collective and Monkeyman Productions (where he now also holds a production role). Most recently, Andrew found himself at the Halifax Fringe for Aberrant Theatre’s award-winning inaugural production “Something Wrong” – a solo horror show that he also wrote and performed.

The Ghost Light Anthology
The Ghost Light Anthology is a curated evening of thrills, horror and the unknown: 5 short, scary plays tied together to create an immersive live horror experience.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AberrantTheatre

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