#166 – Justine Christensen

Justine Christensen is a Toronto-born actor-writer-producer. She is a co-founder of LET ME IN, a platform through which she seeks to produce audience-engaging, socially-conscious theatre. Her past favourite acting credits include Hamlet (Hamlet & Ophelia, LMI), Rosalind (As You Like It, GBTS Theatre), and Kayleen (Gruesome Playground Injuries, Theatre at Eastminster). She has worked with Convergence Theatre, Pat The Dog Theatre Creation, and Nightwood Theatre to her hone and develop her skills as a producer. She is currently working as a writer on a number of new works, one of which is the final installation of her Chekhov adaptations trilogy, produced through LMI.


When you survive the unsurvivable, who do you become? Bridget Walker has written a play about the abduction of her son and it’s a smash hit. Critics are raving, but those closest to her are sent reeling. ‘Cannibal’ explores grief, the cost of sharing your story, and what it means to be indebted to someone you love.

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Tickets: https://fringetoronto.com/next-stage/show/cannibal

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