#170 – Daniela Vlaskalic

Daniela Vlaskalic is an award-winning Canadian actor, writer and producer who has worked extensively across Canada including appearing in Theatrefront’s critically-acclaimed production of The Orange Dot by Sean Dixon, last year. Daniela hosts a comedic travel podcast called Every Place is the Same, produced by Drumcast Productions and available on iTunes.


MULES is a scathing exploration of the desperation that emerges when people find themselves trapped and powerless with no clear way out.

Best friends in high school, Cindy and Crystal haven’t see each other in ten years. They reunite through social media, only to find they are both miserable and desperate to move up in the world. Holed up in the airport arrivals washroom, Crystal with a belly full of cocaine from Colombia and Cindy fearful of her violent boyfriend, the action unfolds in one single night, but changes their lives forever.

A dark comedy about poverty, friendship … and drug smuggling, MULES is a tragic journey for the two women, as well as the airport janitor, who discovers them mid-plan only to escalate the crisis.

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@EldritchTheatre: Just had a great conversation with our "Castle Crew" @ericwoolfe @adriannap and @RosemaryEDoyle talking about Eldritch Theatre + RED Sandcastle past/present/future with @stageworthypod - looking forward to sharing our ideas with #theaTO community https://t.co/IuoSVTgVXT
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On this week's episode, performer, actor & vocalist, Uche Ama. https://t.co/3D3P6i8WHS
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@DavidSRudin: anyhow, a reminder of what Toronto's budget looks like #TOpoli https://t.co/365QOPOF6T
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This week, playwright and director, Erin Jones. Erin is the writer of Time Limits Dropped on Easter Sunday, presented as part of the Toronto Fringe. https://t.co/mnYgYByb4z #TheaTO #FringeTO https://t.co/tjIN0uOXPs
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This week, theatre creator and filmmaker, Steven Griffin. https://t.co/3GueQU5Nd8 https://t.co/KRmPaSyNX6
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