#180 – Steve Fisher & Torey Urquhart on Spur of the Moment’s Shakespeare Shakesbeers Showdown

#ShakesbeersShowdown is where Toronto’s hottest indie theatre companies face-off in a battle of winner-takes-all, loser-drinks-most, as contestants cold read scenes from Shakespeare’s notoriously-hard-to-read First Folio.

The rules are simple: if you screw up, you drink!

The winner is crowned the revered Shakesbeers Showdown Heavyweight Champion (complete with championship belt), and the losers…get a lot of beer.

All funds raised go towards the 2019 Shakespeare-In-Hospitals Program, set to launch this fall.

Twitter: @shakespur
Tickets: https://www.nowtickets.ca/events/92921282/shakesbeers-showdown-revenge-of-the-5th

Victoria Urquhart
Victoria Urquhart is a Jack of All Trades: She writes, directs, acts, sings, dances, and is eager to learn. As a performer first and foremost, she constantly looks to define and explore the perspectives of performance and audience. She especially enjoys the works of William Shakespeare, and Viewpoints, which is what led her to found many projects in the collective. A recent graduate of the University of Windsor Acting Program, she brings creativity and insight to the Spur-Of-The-Moment Shakespeare Collective.

Twitter: @gnitenet
Instagram: @gnitenet

Steve Fisher
Winner of the 2016 Nathan Cohen Award for excellence in theatre criticism in the short form category, and a 2015 National Magazine Award nominee for his arts and culture coverage with Torontoist, Steve has been covering arts and entertainment in Toronto (and Canada) for over fifteen years. He is the top all time contributor at Torontoist, having written more than 1,200 posts in various capacities, including Contributing Editor, Listings Editor, and Urban Planner. Other outlets he has contributed to include Now Magazine, Post City, The AV Club, and CBC Music.

Originally from Ottawa, where he studied Drama at Canterbury High School For the Arts (and played on the national medal winning improv team), Steve holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Theatre (and a Diploma in Acting) from Ryerson University. When not seeing shows 5-6 times a week, Steve also works as a Training Coordinator at Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship YORK, home of Toronto’s Naval Reserve unit; as a boatswain in the Royal Canadian Navy, he has been commended and decorated.

Twitter: @gracingthestage

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- 3 days ago

Stageworthy host, @philrickaby will be hosting a livestreamed chat with theatre-maker Eliza Martin to talk about adapting her Fringe Festival hit "Harvey and the Extraordinary" into a book. Join them on October 28 at 7:30PM EDT: https://t.co/wZDCN0BKJS #theaTO #CanLit https://t.co/uIjlDkxF0x
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- 17 days ago

@literasyme Hah! If only I could help with that.
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Its always been important to me that the podcast is a service to the Canadian theatre scene. Which brings the question: what does the Canadian theatre scene actually need?
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@philrickaby: Announcing the title of my holiday audio drama coming in November! It Sees You When You're Sleeping: a 6 part audio drama for those who like some horror in their holiday cheer. Watch here, or go to https://t.co/DEPofGSgQm to sign up for updates. #itseesyousleeping #audiodrama https://t.co/4CCpvzy1AN
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@philrickaby: On this episode of @stageworthypod, I announce that after 6-ish years of producing Stageworthy on a weekly basis, that I'll be taking a bit of a break (probably a couple of months). https://t.co/qdR4m3kqnT
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