#187 – Kaho Koda and Sachi Lovatt

Kaho Koda is a Japanese theatre creator located in Toronto. Her recent credits include Koki Mitani’s University of Laughter (Translator & Director) and Shakespeare’s Richard III (Lighting Designer). She is delighted to present her first play Decaying Tongue (Writer & Director) at the Toronto Fringe Festival 2019.

Sachi Lovatt is an actress originally from Ottawa. She trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in the UK, where she earned her MA in Professional Acting. After three years in England, she now calls Toronto home and is a proud member of both Equity and ACTRA. Recent credits include The Handmaid’s Tale and narrating the Alarm of War trilogy into audiobooks. Being half Japanese and half British, Decaying Tongue holds a special place in her heart.

Decaying Tongue
How do you answer the question “where are you from from”? Aya navigates through life as she experiences culture shocks between her two worlds: Japan and Canada. Will she find peace with her constantly evolving identity? Decaying Tongue explores clash of cultures and what it means to find your footing with a diverse background in the 21st century.

Randolph Theatre
5th July 4:15pm
7th July 8:00pm
8th July 2:15pm
11th July 10:45pm
12th July 4:30pm
13th July 1:00pm
14th July 5:15pm


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