#188 – Tita Collective

The Tita Collective, an all Filipina collective of multidisciplinary artists in Toronto, will present Tita Jokes as part of the 2019 Toronto Fringe FestivalJuly 3 – 14 at the Tarragon Theatre. They sing, they dance, and they’ll make you snort-laugh halo-halo through your nose!

Tita Jokes is a musical sketch comedy spectacle to remember. The show revolves around the Filipinx people in their lives such as aunts, moms, daughters, and partners. Tita Jokes reveals their struggles and heartaches, but also how they cope through comedy and songs.

Tita Collective are an all Filipina collective composed of award-winning playwrights, comedians, musicians, dancers, theatre makers and actors. They explore different mediums to tell the stories about the Filipinx diaspora.

Directed Tricia Hagoriles, Tita Jokes is created and performed by Ann Paula Bautista, Belinda Corpuz, Isabel Kanaan, Ellie Posadas, Alia Rasul, and Maricris Rivera. The Music Director is Ayaka Kinugawa and Stage Manager is Justine Cargo.

In addition to Toronto Fringe, Tita Collective will also appear at TAWA Festival May 27 and 28 at Bad Dog Theatre, Celebration of Filipino Heritage Month at Earl Bales Park on June 1, and Notorious’ Music Comedy Festival on June 14 – 15. Tita Collective will host a workshop called “Powered by Community” on May 23 at Artscape Daniels Launchpad.

Tita Collective is Ann Paula Bautista (Disenchanted US Tour), Belinda Corpuz (Prairie Nurse), Isabel Kanaan (CBC’s Air Farce), Alia Rasul (Generally Hospital), and Maricris Rivera (A New World Being Born). Tita Collective won the 2019 Steamwhistle Producers’ Pick at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival and were named as part of “19 Asian Millennial Women You Should Know” by Cold Tea Collective.


Tita Jokes
July 3 – 14, 2019 at Toronto Fringe
Tarragon Theatre, Mainspace
30 Bridgeman Avenue

Thursday July 4, 8:30PM
Saturday July 6, 4:45PM
Sunday July 7, 1:15PM
Tuesday July 9, 9:45PM
Wednesday July 10, 8:00PM
Friday July 12, 4:00PM
Sunday July 14, 6:00PM

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