#198 – Dauntless City Theatre: All’s Well That Ends Well

Episode Notes

After last summer’s NNNN Much Ado About Nothing, Dauntless City Theatre returns to Berczy Park to delight city audiences with All’s Well That Ends Well, starring Chanakya Mukherjee (The Men in White, Much Ado About Nothing) and Liz Der (Crave) as the unlikely lovers Bertram and Helena.

Ranging over walks, hills, gardens, and the famous dog fountain, All’s Well is an intriguing societal and political comedy. One of Shakespeare’s “problem plays”, All’s Well tackles passionate desire, consent, trickery, and toxic masculinity. This play asks: how well do we really know the people in our lives? What are each of us capable in pursuit of our deepest desires? As our relationships deepen, the passions we discover can drive us apart as well as bond us together. Through a comedic lens, All’s Well asks us to sit in the discomfort and problematic spaces that open up.

All’s Well builds on Dauntless’ legacy of queering, subverting, and transforming the Bard, featuring a cast reflective of the city of Toronto. Including live music, and costumes suggesting the sumptuousness of Renaissance Florence and The Court of The Sun King, All’s Well That Ends Well aims to be Shakespeare for people who think they hate Shakespeare. Follow the action through the full 90 minutes from space to space throughout the park, or enjoy a scene while walking a dog, out with kids, or on a lunch break. Join All’s Well That End’s Well for a play that will make you think, that will delight your senses, and that at the end will leave you cheering for all the right reasons.

All’s Well That Ends Well
Berzcy Park at Front St and Church St
Pay What You Can
Friday and Saturday
7:30pm Saturday and Sunday 1:00pm
No performance Friday August 9th

Twitter: @DauntlessTO
Instagram: dauntlessto
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dauntlessTO/

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