#208 – Holly Wyder

Holly Wyder is an actor, producer, writer and comedian, living in Toronto. Her solo show, Drink of Choice was a hit of the 2019 Toronto Fringe.

Twitter: @hollyiswyder
Instagram: hollyiswyder

Drink of Choice
Winner of the 2019 Toronto Fringe Patron’s Pick, Drink of Choice returns at Factory’s Studio Theatre. You play the Customer. The drink you choose will decide the Bartender’s story. A create-your-own-adventure semi autobiographical piece, Drink of Choice examines sexual identity, especially the often overlooked and misunderstood conceptions of being asexual.

Twitter: @choicedrink
Instagram: choicedrink
Tickets: https://www.factorytheatre.ca/what-s-on/drink-of-choice/

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