#214 – Nicole Smieja & Victoria Urquhart

Nicole Smieja is a Toronto based actor, and a graduate of the University of Windor’s Acting program. Victoria Urquhart is a Toronto-based actor and director from Caledon, and the artistic director of Spur of the Moment Shakespeare. (and also a graduate of the University of Windsor’s Acting program).

Heart In Hand at Shakespeare-In-Hospitals’ Family Reunion Gala!

Grab a drink at the bar, enjoy some sweet and savoury eats and put your picture on our family tree as we extend the SOTMSC family with a final performance of the 2019 Program’s show, Heart In Hand:

How will you choose your family if your family doesn’t choose you? In the last flashes of a mother’s life, we see the hopeful imaginings of her family’s choices to move forward when she is gone. Brought together by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, Amsterdam Brewery and the Spur of The Moment Shakespeare Collective, this funny and touching piece has toured to rave reviews from patient, staff and family audiences across Toronto and the G.T.A.

For a financially accessible gala we offer tickets on a sliding scale. Arts Worker and Student Tickets are available for the cost of $18 ($19.89 with processing fee). Folks who wish to donate more with their ticket to help those who cannot afford full cost can do so on our ticketing site: http://shakehospitals2019.bpt.me/

Twitter: @shakespur
Instagram: shakespur

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On the next episode of Stageworthy, actor and singer, Daniel Fong. Available Tuesday, everywhere you get podcasts. https://t.co/1YG8Lpy0nl
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An excerpt from this week's episode of Stageworthy, with director and dramaturg, Jenna Rodgers. Listen to the full episode at https://t.co/KbmUr2oZBM #canadiantheatre https://t.co/sobRB7MIg1
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This week on Stageworthy: Jenna Rodgers is a Director and Dramaturg, and the founding artistic director of Chromatic Theatre. https://t.co/U3mzs6BdTo #canadiantheatre https://t.co/6T36qESMal
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Calgary based writer, musician, and performer, Caleigh Crow. https://t.co/8us44LCmTY https://t.co/PMtOoko4h7
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