#275 – Keith Tomasek

Keith Tomasek is an award-winning arts marketing consultant whose Facebook campaign for the Grand Theatre won the International Association of Business Communicators’ Virtuoso Award.

Recently, Keith’s campaigns have sold over $400,000 worth of tickets to virtual events.
He’s also the leader of the Arts Marketing Mastermind group.

Keith studied theatre in Montreal and is the founder of the website Stratford Festival Reviews and The Performers Podcast.

Twitter: @FestivalReviews
Instagram: @keithtomasek
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KeithTomasek

Arts Marketing Mastermind Group: https://keithtomasek.com/arts-marketing-mastermind/

Support Stageworthy: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/stageworthy

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- 3 days ago

Emerging actor, indie producer, playwright, and theatre educator, Cassie Davidson.https://t.co/zvKh4UVTx0 #theaTO #cdnculture https://t.co/0hlqiw6dcW
h J R

- 4 days ago

@BlackPledgeCa: We’re a Collective of Black artists, and we’re thrilled to officially launch: The Black Pledge! The Black Pledge is a commitment for live arts organizations to enact long overdue, equitable change for Black artists and arts workers. To learn more visit: https://t.co/MQOnG6jHfn https://t.co/zSeOhzTnyg
h J R

- 10 days ago

Award winning arts marketing consultant, founder of Stratford Festival Reviews, and host and creator of the Performer's Podcast, Keith Tomasek. https://t.co/HqMX8ksUA5 #theaTO #cdnculture https://t.co/ZxzYXbrEed
h J R

- 16 days ago

Theatre artist and social media marketer, Lauren Allen. https://t.co/wAsZGS5stt https://t.co/Acifayk3gm
h J R

- 24 days ago

Playwright, poet, actor and community organizer, Lili Robinson. https://t.co/wmCbMLpRjH https://t.co/m529iOF4pa
h J R
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