#278 – Joella Crichton & Sedina Fiati

Joella Crichton

Joella Crichton is an actor for stage and screen. She holds a BFA in Acting from York University. Joella is passionate about her Caribbean heritage and is the nine time Queen of Carnival here in Toronto. She has been nominated for her work on stage and loves the theatre!

Alongside her many years experience in theatre, film and television, Joella also works to develop equality, diversity and inclusivity in these fields. She has created and worked on initiatives such as the Bechdel Bill and Share The Screen.

Twitter: @joellacrichton
Instagram: @joellacrichton

Sedina Fiati

Sedina Fiati is a Toronto based performer, producer, director, creator and activist for stage and screen. Proudly Black and queer, Sedina is deeply invested in artistic work that explores the intersection between art and activism, either in form or structure or ideally both.

Upcoming projects: Switching Queen(s) (devised street performance), Last Dance (a web series).

Sedina is also a Principal with BIPOC Executive Search, working on equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives and the current Artist-Activist at Nightwood Theatre. Sedina was the co-chair of ACTRA Toronto’s Diversity Committee and 2nd VP of council for Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

Twitter: @bwheelsheels
Instagram: @bwheelsheels

The Black Pledge

The Black Pledge is an open call for positive, lasting change in live arts spaces across Canada, so that they truly reflect the beautiful mosaic tapestry of our nation. Our mission is to foster greater inclusion and awareness surrounding the needs of underserved communities in the Arts, especially the Black community. We stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and other communities of colour seeking equity, while retaining our Black-centric advocacy.

Twitter: @BlackPledgeCa
Instagram: @BlackPledgeCanada
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBlackPledge/

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@petermennie If the digital production is a recording, with editing and music added (that wasn't part of the live mix), then yes one could argue that is television. But that's not what is being referred to here.
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