#285 – Emotional Bleed in theatre: a conversation with Siobhan Richardson & Nicole Winchester

Siobhan Richardson is an internationally-recognized Fight Director, an Intimacy Director (a pioneer voice in this specialty across Canada), and an award-winning actor/fighter/singer/dancer. Her teaching career has spanned Canada, USA and Europe, including international events such as the Paddy Crean International Art of the Sword Workshop, Fight Directors Canada’s National Workshops, and the Nordic Stage Fight Society’s Summer Workshops, and four separate teaching tours including Sweden, Norway, Estonia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Finland, Germany and France. She’s been both a student and a teacher online for over a decade. Siobhan’s work has been seen on some of Canada’s most well-recognized stages (The Canadian Opera Company, National Arts Centre, The Shaw Festival, The Stratford Festival, Factory Theatre and Soulpepper, to name a few), as well as around the world through online performance and education. In all her work, Siobhan is dedicated to the growth and development of the art form, the artists and our workplaces in order to support a vibrant and healthy artistic community. Passionately curious, Siobhan continues to pursue her own training, and is continually experimenting, drawing from arts and science for the betterment of our performances, rehearsal practices and the spaces we work in. Practices that foster joyful workspaces for vulnerable and creative work has been a particular focus of the last several years.

Instagram: @fighteractress
YouTube: www.youtube.com/actorsr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SiobhanRichardsonFighterActress/

Nicole Winchester is a storyteller, a narrative designer for live-action and tabletop roleplaying, and an ‘international larper of mystery.’ A co-founder of Fair Escape Studios where she produced two sold-out immersive evenings of vampire intrigue, she has written for Green Ronin Publishing, Pseudonym Productions, John Wick Presents, the Toronto Star, and more. Currently studying Social Work at York University, Nicole’s latest work is “Heather was right: The real curse in The Blair Witch Project is the mediocre white dude,” an essay in Transgressive Horror launching April 27th, on Kickstarter.

Twitter: @noizangel
Instagram: @noizangel
Fair Escape Studios: fairescapestudios.com
Transgressive Horror by Ghost Show Press

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2 Replies to “#285 – Emotional Bleed in theatre: a conversation with Siobhan Richardson & Nicole Winchester”

  1. Carolyn Fe

    A very important topic. Thanks for this. I found that it also happens with band mates, especially when creating songs together. One opens up to get those words to mean something. Then in performing the songs on stage, the bleed certainly happens. I’ve had to discuss this with my life partner, letting them know that whatever emotions are showed/seen/felt on stage, remains on stage and nothing changes in our personal lives. We were able to make a separation between work and personal life. That goes the same for my band mates and their partners. Dang! I love my job.

    • philrickaby

      Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the episode! Its so important to be able to make that separation between work and personal life, especially when things like emotional bleed are part of the job!

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- 1 day ago

@CareToal: This is a conversation that I think will resonate with any theatre artist during this time. You’re not alone! I’m right there with you! ❤️ https://t.co/mOrcH78wLP
h J R

- 2 days ago

@NaheedD: #BREAKING: Ontario's LTC Minister just walked out of a news conference on LTC. When our elected leaders refuse to engage with the very people who elected them, it's a slap in the face every elder who died, every caregiver who cried & every frontline health worker who suffered.
h J R

- 3 days ago

On the next episode: Toronto based actor and writer, Caroline Toal. Get Tuesday, at https://t.co/VgaDL4iG5X or everywhere you get podcasts. #theaTO #podcast #actor #writer https://t.co/hklUpUFrQw
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- 6 days ago

In this excerpt from the latest episode of Stageworthy, guest Nicole Winchester talks about the benefits of an end of session debrief. Listen of the full episode everywhere you get podcasts, as well as https://t.co/78W2tGTFLv https://t.co/ruOjD92yhn
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