#300 – Retrospective

In this, the 300th episode of Stageworthy, host Phil Rickaby presents a retrospective of some of his favourite episodes from the past 5 years. There have been so many conversations that it would be impossible to present all of the favourites, so we’ve narrowed it down to 6: Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Siobhan Richardson, Philip Akin, Helen Knight, Diana Tso, and Tanisha Taitt. You’ll find links to the full episodes of the selected episodes below.

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee

Siobhan Richardson

Philip Akin

Helen Knight

Diana Tso

Tanisha Taitt

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h J R

- 12 days ago

On this episode, Keshia Palm & Julia Dickson of The Paprika Theatre Festival. https://t.co/9AacAYL6DF
h J R

- 17 days ago

Still looking for feedback on Stageworthy. If you have two minutes, and have even listened to one episode of the podcast, I want your feedback on this survey: https://t.co/R2Jbr335cx
h J R

- 19 days ago

On episode 304 of Stageworthy, theatre creator Sunny Drake. https://t.co/md8kHzEWfE https://t.co/aFVsc1EgzN
h J R