#308 – Phil Rickaby – An Announcement

Phil Rickaby, host of Stageworthy, announces that after over 300 episodes, he’s taking a brief break from the podcast, but he’ll be back in a couple of months.

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Phil Rickaby 

This is Episode 308. And it’s just me this week, I’ve been making Stageworthy for over five years now, I’ve actually lost count, I think it’s five and maybe closer to six. I haven’t been keeping track of mostly been keeping track of the numbers, I’m in the three hundreds that may put me into probably year six. I’m terrible at keeping track of these sorts of things. But it’s been, it’s been a long time that I’ve been doing Stageworthy. And, you know, I’ve loved doing Stageworthy and I still love doing Stageworthy. But I have to be honest that the last 18 months of the pandemic have taken its toll on me. When this all started in March of 2020 you know, I like so many other people thought that we’d ride this out to be a couple of weeks a month at the most to be over really quick. But I was committed to bringing you episodes every week. It’s always been important to me that I set this schedule a weekly podcast that comes out on Tuesday every Tuesday and that I don’t miss a week this has always been very important to me that that that I’m consistent that there’s always an episode sometimes extra is during fringe you never know.

But it’s always been that important to me that I didn’t just fade away or anything like that that that this podcast would be there every week until I decided to stop doing it. I have to admit though, that the thing that’s been the most exhausting and trying to do this during the pandemic has been it’s actually harder to find guests people are not really or haven’t been sending out press releases they haven’t been notifying me of of shows that they’re doing and this is unusual because for the last few years people have been especially in the fall there’s a lot of press releases it becomes really easy to find guests to come on but I’ve had to go and I’ve had to try to find more and more guests and I don’t mind that I love discovering new people to introduce you to and I love you know meeting people and getting to have these conversations with them but it’s still a lot of work to do and after five six years I need to take a little break I need to rest and I need to I need to sort of evaluate what stage really is and and how to keep it vital how to keep myself how to keep me interested how to keep you interested and and that’s that’s an important thing is is if if you’re not listening, I have no reason to make this podcast and so it’s been it’s been a real challenge both to try to find guests but also I have to be really honest with you. I’ve seen numbers drop as far as listens and subscriptions to the episodes and that’s a little bit demoralising to and I don’t just do this for the numbers that I don’t do this just so that I have huge numbers but while I’m while you’re struggling to try to put something together and working really hard to find guests and bring it to people it is I hate to say it demoralising to see the numbers drop. And you know I get it I get it. It’s it’s hard, because you know people are tired. It’s been hard to see the theatres closed and people are excited, they’re opening, people are making changes to either listens, their listening habits are and also I know that there have been changes to the way that say Apple does its analytics and things like that. So the numbers have fluctuated greatly, but it’s still it’s still kind of hurts a little bit I have to be really honest with you seeing any drop in the numbers and a significant drop kind of hurts. But that’s that’s that’s neither here nor there. Because I think I would need this break regardless of whether or not I was seeing a drop in the numbers. Six years of non stop episodes is a long time. And you know sometimes you know if I go on tour, I do a bank of episodes, but even when I’m like on tour with my show with the like doing a show for fringe or whatever it is, I’m still meeting people and doing episodes so it’s pretty much a constant process. And that’s exhausting. And the struggle of finding new people to introduce you to that’s that’s also been exhausting.

So I’m going to take a break and I will pop up now and then I have a couple of things planned I’m going to do a couple of live streams in the future. So watch, watch Twitter for that. I’ll be announcing that there just both on my own platform and on the Stageworthy platform and also you know I’m not going away. This is not a permanent, this is not the end of Stageworthy I want to be really clear on that. It’s not the end of Stageworthy, I just need a rest. And I’m hoping that in the – with –  by resting, I’m going to be taking a look like I said at Stageworthy and what it is and what I want it to be. And, you know, I’ve been thinking about, about what that is. Also, if I’m rambling, I normally do this sort of thing with a script, and I very carefully write down everything that I’m going to say. So that it sounds clean and and good. I’m not doing that you probably can tell that by now that I haven’t written down. What I’m going to say here. Because I feel like this is something that I feel like I couldn’t plan this and make it sound like really honest, and I want to be really honest and open. So let’s let this be be raw and messy the way it is.

So I’ve been thinking about what Stageworthy is. And I think what I’m going to do during this little break, however long it ends up being, is I’m going to be looking at, you know, what interests me? What kind of structure can I introduce? Does it need a structure? Is there a more of a focus of kind of playing around in my mind with it, maybe the idea is that it’s a podcast about creativity and the performing arts. And maybe that’s a way of focusing it, instead of the, like a rambling conversation. Believe me, I love a rambling conversation, as you could tell right now. I love you, I never know when to cut where a conversation is going. And I love discovering where the conversation is go with some going with someone. But maybe having a focus like creativity and the performing arts might might help. But I’m generally going to be looking at how I present stage worthy, what it looks like, and, and things like that. So that it’s when I come back, I have a renewed passion for it. And that I’m it’s something that I continue to be excited by and continue to be to be proud to present to you. I

have like I want to know what you guys think about stage worthy what you like about it. I want to know, even what you don’t like I’m curious, because I want to make this. I’ve always seen Stageworthy as as I am in service to the community. And that’s always it’s always been important to me that I am in service to the community. If it’s just a podcast, where it serves me, then it’s of no use to anyone, I’m not interested in doing a podcast, it’s all about me. So this is an opportunity for me to make sure that what I’m presenting is still of service to the community. So if you have thoughts about stage worthy, and what you like about it, what you think could be improved. I have a survey, I’ll post that when this goes up as well. But also like feel free to reach out if you want to reach out and tell me what you think because it is important to me what you the listener, think about stage where the what you want to hear on stage worthy that it’s of service to you.

And so that’s that’s really what I have to say is that I’m taking a break. It’s not the end of Stageworthy, but it is time for a really reevaluation and maybe some changes just to just to like I said, just to keep it interesting both to me and to you. I will miss you while I’m taking a break. Trust me. It’s it’ll be weird not to have this every week. But I need a break, I need a little rest. And when I come back, I’ll be excited. And I’ll be happy to be back. And I will love to see you here. And you know what I’ve loved having you here. As a listener, every person who listens to this show, I have loved seeing your Listen, like I don’t know who you are. But you know, I could see the listens in the analytics. And I love knowing that people are listening to this. And I love it when people do mention this show. So it means a lot that you listened. So I just want you to know that that you’re one of the reasons why I keep coming back and keep doing this show because of you the listener. And it’s so important to me that that that I’m doing something that you enjoy as much as it is important that I’m doing something that I enjoy. So it might be a month it might be a couple of months.

But I will be back and you will like I said, you’ll see me I have a live stream planned with Eliza Martin laid in October so we can talk about her book that’s coming out in November. So watch for that I’ll announce that officially I’ll send out links and things like that. So you’ll be able to listen in on that. That’s that’ll be a live stream conversation via YouTube. So you’ll be able to To watch us chat and talk like that, so keep your eye out because I will be popping up now and then even when I’m on a break, I can’t I guess completely walk away but I need a little bit of a break from the the weekly production. So like I said, I’ll see you in a couple of months and the back catalogue will continue to be there. If you want to have a listen to an episode that you might have missed, and I’ll see in a couple of months.

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