The host of Stageworthy, Phil Rickaby is an actor and playwright, as well as a founding a member of Keystone Theatre, a Toronto company that creates plays inspired by silent film.  You may have seen Phil as Gormless Joe in Keystone Theatre’s The Belle of Winnipeg, The Last Man on Earth, and Gold Fever, as well as in the films Abolition, The Dragon and the Unicorn and So You’ve Decided to be Attacked by Zombies. He has a passion for nerd culture and theatre and tries to find ways to bring the two together.

Phil started Stageworthy due to what he saw as a lack of Canadian voices on theatre in the “podsphere”. Inspired by Howard Sherman‘s time as host of the American Theatre Wing‘s Downstage Centre podcast, Phil wants to give voice to the unheard voices of those who are working in the theatre in Canada.