Velvet Wells is a Black, velvet voiced autistic queer entertainer from Toronto. He is a stand-up comedian, actor, and musical improviser. He is lauded for his authenticity, originality, and quick wit. In 2014, Velvet graduated from the Second City Toronto’s inaugural Musical Improvisation Conservatory. Velvet is the co-founder of two successful troupes: The Dandies and OverDude. For the last 8 years, The Dandies have created fandom themed improv shows across Canada, including opening for William Shatner. Improv-drag-rock n’ roll duo OverDude just released Hell Toupee, their greatest hits EP on Bandcamp. In 2019, he touring his critically acclaimed solo Fringe production Personal Demon Hunter; the sequel is being launched in 2020 as part of Fringelivestream.

Twitter: @VelvetDuke
Instagram: @thevelvetduke

Personal Demon Hunter: Divine & Conquer

Velvet Wells (he/him) returns as motivational guru Velvet Duke to be your Personal Demon Hunter.

Through personal stories of Black Joy, conversations and improvised songs, Velvet is a master at working through the things that haunt us in a funny, accessible, interactive way.

Date: Thursday, July 30 @ 9pm EDT/ 6pm PDT

Instagram: @pdhdivineconqur
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