Halifax Fringe Roundup #1

The first of two Fringe Roundups for Halifax Fringe, with Andrew Gaunce, Laura Thornton, Emilie Alexandre, and Mariel Kathryn Hunter!

Andrew Gaunce
Instagram: @TempleGaunce
Aberrant Theatre
Instagram: @aberranttheatre
Something Wrong

Laura Thornton
Walesong Theatre
Twitter: @whalesongprod
Instagram: @whalesongtheatre
The Birthday

Emilie Alexandre
House XII Theatre
Instagram: @housetwelvetheatre
The Easy Lovin’ Blues

Mariel Kathryn Hunter
Instagram: @comehomeplay
I Want to Come Home

Kendall Savage

A graduate of The Randolph Academy of Performing Arts as well as The Players Academy Toronto, Kendall completed her Undergraduate BFA in Performing Arts at Concordia University Alumna 2013. Focusing her gifts in the direction of clown and comedy, Kendall set out to fulfill her calling as a professional clown. She has trained with the likes of Francine Coté, Aron DeCasemaker, Joe DePaul, Aitor Basauri, Philippe Gaulier and her Clown mentors Mike Kennard and John Turner of Mump and Smoot. Currently she finds herself at the helm of a Clown Festival. MTLClownFest.com She will be attending The Second City Conservatory in Toronto, Ontario this fall. 
Twitter: @mtlclownfest

Fundy Fringe Roundtable

A roundtable discussion featuring Fundy Fringe artists Franny McCabe-Bennett (actor/playwright of Bar Star), Elliot Delage (actor/playwright of 25), and Mark Foster (playwright of The Waiting Gentlewoman).

Franny McCabe-Bennett
Twitter: @Franny_McB

Elliot Delage
Twitter: @elliotdelage

Mark Foster
Twitter: @tabootheatre

James McClure

James McClure is an award-winning writer, journalist, scholar and undergraduate instructor. In 2018, James’ newest play, Glass Closets, was chosen to be workshopped at Mount Allison University as part of the 2018 Playwrights’ Colony hosted by the Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre. ‘Glass Closets’ is his second Fundy Fringe Festival production. In 2017, he wrote and directed ‘Faking It,’ a coming-of-age comedy that was also one of three winners in the Saint John Theatre Company’s playwrighting competition ‘Script Happens.’