Stageworthy Podcast Set to Launch
In new podcast series, Phil Rickaby discusses careers in theatre with actors, playwrights, and more

JANUARY 3, 2015Phil Rickaby is pleased to announce the launch of his all new podcast, Stageworthy. Through the podcast series, Rickaby focuses on careers in theatre by interviewing playwrights, actors, stage managers, and other theatre professionals.

Rickaby decided to launch Stageworthy out of a lack of Canadian voices in the podsphere, and he looks forward to giving unheard voices of Canadian theatre an outlet to share their experiences. According to Rickaby, “Looking around at podcasts about the theatre world, I saw a shortage of podcasts featuring Canadian voices, and wanted to do something about that.”

With the advent of Stageworthy, Canadian theatre professionals have a place to share their experiences, and aspiring Canadian actors, stage managers, and playwrights have a regular source for new information, insight, and inspiration into having a successful career in theatre.

Currently, Stageworthy is seeking Canadian actors, directors, playwrights, designers, and other theatre professionals who are interested in sharing their experiences. Rickaby is interviewing people all over Canada.

About the idea for the Stageworthy podcast, Rickaby said, “I was inspired by podcasts like the Nerdist, WTF and the Howard Sherman years on the American Theatre Wing’s Downstage Centre.” Each episode will creatively explore the parallels between theatre professionals and what draws them into the world of theatre.

During each conversation, Stageworthy will identify how each individual has pursued their career to compare and contrast the varying journeys traversed by those in theatre. While actors, playwrights, and designers might travel down different roads, they all have common threads that Stageworthy will seek to identify.

The new podcast will serve as a resource for those wishing to learn more about Canadian theatre. Whether listening to learn about their favorite actor or to learn how their favorite director climbed the ladder, audiences will be given a new perspective of Canadian theatre and the individuals within the industry.

According to Rickaby, Stageworthy is set to launch in January 5 2016. More information can be found at

About Stageworthy

Stageworthy is a podcast hosted by Phil Rickaby that focuses on people in Canadian theatre. During each podcast, Phil talks to actors, playwrights, stage managers, and more to offer insight into how people pursue careers in theatre.

About Phil Rickaby

Phil Rickaby is an actor and playwright, as well as one of the founding members of Toronto’s Keystone Theatre. At Keystone Theatre, Rickaby has starred as Gormless Joe in The Belle of Winnipeg, The Last Man on Earth, and Gold Fever, as well as in Abolition, The Dragon and the Unicorn, and So You’ve Decided to be Attacked by Zombies.


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Phil Rickaby
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